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EphMRA Conference

Behavioural Economics: The answer to our prayers or just another fad?

Crawford Hollingworth, Founder, The Behavioural Architects and Di Adams, Partner, Hall & Partners

Crawford and Di tackled two questions related to the treatment and adherence of diabetes patients: How can Behavioural Economics help explain levels of patient engagement with their condition? Secondly, by using Behavioural Economics can we positively intervene to influence diabetes patient behaviour? We looked at the results of some preliminary experiments we ran earlier this year.

MRS ‘Big’ Conference

Crawford Hollingworth was joint-winner of the BIG/MRS CPS Conference Award for Best Overall Contribution 2014

He formed part of a panel debating “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: “In our quest to better understand and change behaviour, has the industry become too obsessed with the latest methodology at the detriment of good old-fashioned thinking? Are we all guilty of misunderstanding what innovation is, or where innovation should be happening? Or do new methodologies actually inspire new ideas and ‘old-fashioned’ thinking is just that: old-fashioned?”

Impact 2014 – MRS Annual Conference

Open your mind to the power of priming and experimentation!

With Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University, Sarah Davies, Founder, The Behavioural Architects and Rachel Abbott, Associate director, The Behavioural Architects

Charles, Sarah and Rachel ran a workshop on fine-tuning different sensory elements involved in consumer experiences – from optimising how we structure research and ideation, through to branding and marketing impacts. Through a series of live audience experiments involving music, wine and chocolate, with real time results; this workshop analysed multi-sensory priming as a valuable tool for insight generation.

AQR/QRCA Conference

Wake up and Smell the Coffee: Open Your Mind to the Power of Priming and Experimentation

With Sarah Davies, Founder and Gill O’Hanlon, Director, TBA UK

Sarah and Gill delved into how to leverage learning from the behavioural sciences; specifically how we can leverage learning in relation to behavioural priming and sensory interaction to enhance the research tools at our disposal, hence encouraging a more experimental approach to qualitative research.

Upcoming talks

  • Marketing Science Ideas Exchange (MSIX), July 30 2014, Sydney.
    Mike Daniels, Founder of The Behavioural Architects, Sydney will be presenting “Powerful New Tools for
    Understanding and Researching Behaviour".

  • London Business School, October, 2014. Crawford Hollingworth is presenting to MBA students at LBS about
    applied behavioural economics in the world of marketing and market research.

Previous talks include

  • ESOMAR Budapest, 2013, Crawford Hollingworth, Founder
  • Samplify Festival in Sydney & Melbourne, October 2013, Mike Daniels, Founder
  • Water for Life – Sydney, 2013, Mike Daniels, Founder
  • Shanghai Jiatong University MBA program, 2013, Crawford Hollingworth, Founder
  • London Business School MBA program, 2012 and 2013, Crawford Hollingworth, Founder
  • AQR/QCRA Rome Conference, 2012, Sian Davies and Sarah Davies, Founders
  • AURA, November 2012, Crawford Hollingworth, Founder - Voted Best Agency Speaker