Engaging children and families in physical activity Engaging children and families in physical activity

Engaging children and families in physical activity

What are the influences, motivations and barriers to children and their families being under-represented in sport? To inform Sport England’s investments, advice to partner bodies and to direct communications to consumers.


Behaviour Change
United Kingdom

TBA Approach.

  1. Developing behavioural hypotheses using a behavioural science lens on the challenge.

  2. Behavioural detective missions: Parents and children individually complete missions to capture both perspectives on the challenge.

  3. Creative imagination sessions conducted in-home with parents and children.

  4. Bright Spot family ethnographic immersions – families who ‘against the odds’ had successfully overcome barriers to become active.

  5. Observation and intercepts in places where children and families are active.

  6. Activation workshop with client.

Behavioural Insights, Interventions & Impact.

  1. Our work clearly highlighted the key challenges to solve and what kind of projects and initiatives to fund.

    Key insights have been published to guide investment from the 10 million Families Fund. 15,000 families are already benefitting from investment with 22 organisations

  2. Developed a toolkit of BE inspired principles, intervention thought starters with rich consumer evidence. These have been used flexibly across a broad range of delivery partners such as the English Cricket Board

  3. The work also shaped direct to consumer communications to encourage more children into activity e.g. the well known ThisGirlCan campaign is now using the insights

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