Network Outage Experience Design Network Outage Experience Design

Network Outage Experience Design

Planned internet outages (PIOs) are an important part of providing a high level of service to customers, because they allow service providers to upgrade the fixed line network.

However, PIOs can cause significant disruption; affecting customers’ ability to study, be entertained, run a business etc.

Our client needed to create a suite of products, communications and processes which maximised customer experiences before, during and after the outage.


Customer Experience Design

TBA Approach.

  1. Online ethnographies: targeted customers due to experience a planned network outage; the ethnography captured their experiences through the process.

  2. Captured real-life, in-context experiences: We were able to watch as cold state decisions (before the outage) transformed into hot-emotive state behaviours during the outage. This avoided post-rationalised responses from participants.

  3. Designed behavioural nudges to drive better experiences during planned network outages.

Behavioural Insights, Interventions & Impact.

  1. 20 key behavioural nudge interventions were designed to improve outage experiences

  2. TBA optimised the timings and content of the current communication plan

  3. We advised on how to change the outage information pages on the app and website

  4. We helped establish key North Star initiatives for the future

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