Behaviour Change Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

The Behavioural Sciences provide powerful ways to deepen our understanding of the subconscious drivers of consumer behaviour.

Learning from the Behavioural Sciences:

  • highlights the critical importance of context, informing where, when and how to look for insight.
  • provides frameworks and concepts to help us to make sense of consumer behaviour and inspire action!

We apply behavioural science frameworks & insights to tackle a range of behaviour change challenges, including:

  • Behavioural deep dives – exploring individual, social and environmental influences on behaviour and behaviour change
  • Consumer behavioural journeys: a model to identify opportunities for brands to connect with and influence behaviour, including:
    • Decision making processes - feelings, thoughts, behaviours

    • Triggers and barriers to action

    • Brand opportunity analysis
  • Habit formation – using the latest models to deconstruct how habits are formed and to identify how to drive behaviour change